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Dillon Francis Turns Down For Naps

Posted on June 9, 2014 by

Los Angeles native and DJ Dillon Francis loves the Internet and “pissing off your Mom and Dad (especially if they’re hippies).” He’s a terrible babysitter, he’ll also sell your information if you sign up for your mailing list but won’t do photoshoots or interviews… unless it’s ANDPOP because we’re just cool like that.

ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos sat down Dillon Francis when he last rolled into town for Skrillex’s Mothership tour. Together they go Way Back When as the DJ reveals how he “Ferris Bueller’d” his art school days away, the first time he got drunk and what he turns down for.

That shit cray so you better hit play. (Try saying that with a straight face.)

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