Emma Watson To Star in a Musical?

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Emma Watson walking the red carpet at the Oscars 2014

From a teen misfit in The Perks of Being a Wallflower to a much more violent version of herself in This is the End, Emma Watson might soon be stretching her acting repertoire in a musical film.

According to TheWrap, the British actress and Miles Tiller are currently in talks to star in the musical film La La Land, written and directed by Damien Chazelle (Teller also starred in his Sundance Film Festival hit Whiplash).

The project, which will be distributed by Lionsgate, will follow a pair of dreamers – an aspiring actress named Mia who’s desperate to fit in, and the cocky yet charismatic jazz pianist Sebastian – who fall in love in Los Angeles.

While still in the planning stages, TheWrap did manage to get a hold of the treatment for La La Land – which gives more details about the characters, story and look and tone of the film.  Here is one excerpt from Chazelle’s Director’s Statement:

At its core, this is a movie about artists in love–and what it means to be an artist in love in arguably the most competitive city on the planet. How do you juggle the need to find success as an artist with the need to share oneself with another human being? And how do you do so in a place where every poster, every street corner and every sign remind you of the glories just beyond reach? L.A. is the “Dream Factory”, and to me there’s something swooningly romantic about that: all those unsung songs and unrealized ideas clouding the air. By casting an affectionate eye on a pair of young hopefuls, while aspiring to the kind of full-fledged romanticism you hardly ever see in today’s movies, I hope to capture the spirit of the city I now call home, and make a movie that feels both classical and urgent–and, yes, intrinsically L.A.”

I won’t lie and say this musical doesn’t sound a bit cliché. Aren’t there already a bunch of musicals with a similar premise? Does Once ring a bell? The upcoming musical Begin AgainAnd how about  the lesser-known Raise Your Voice starring Hilary Duff? Or Fame?! 

But parallels aside, we’d really REALLY like to hear Emma’s singing voice. I mean just LISTEN to Ben Hammersley’s ‘Pantomine’. Even if she’s just back-up vocals, her voice sounds GREAT.

Listen to the song below: 

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