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50 Cent is A Villain in ‘Malefiftycent’

Posted on June 6, 2014 by

Forget rapping, 50 Cent should go into comedy instead.

Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live, the rapper revealed that he was in a big film coming out soon with Disney. SO BIG in fact, that 50 Cent even said the film “ain’t going to no Redbox!”

Therefore unveiling the world premiere of the preview of his film, it turns out that 50 Cent is really the villain in a spoof titled, Malefiftycent. Poking fun of the recent release of Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, this new film even has an amazing tagline, “Get witch or die trying, ” playing off of 50’s debut album.

But the best thing about the whole video is undoubtedly 50 Cent in Maleficent’s costume. The fact that he’s so game to play silly roles is very, very endearing to me.

And also, I’d rather much say Malefiftycent than the harder-top-pronounce Maleficent (MA-LE-FI-CENT). 

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