5 Scenes From The Book The Fault In Our Stars We Can’t Wait To See

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The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

SPOILER ALERT: due to the nature of this article, we can’t help but spoil a few scenes for non-book fans.

Ever since it was announced that John Green’s popular novel The Fault in our Stars would we turned into a movie, we’ve been torn between grasping at every sneak-peek we could possibly get our hands on and ignoring them in an effort to be surprised by the film.

Alas, there’s only so much willpower one person could have. So yes, we know for certain that a couple of scenes do occur but THEY COULD’VE CHANGED SO MUCH. We are, however, looking forward to the day (FRIDAY!) we can watch them in context of the movie.

The Night of the Broken Trophies

The Fault in our Stars


While we’re fans of watching complete and utter destruction unfold on screen, this scene is quite understated next to the likes of, say, Michael Bay’s Transformers. But still, it’s going to be the most destruction we’re going to see (we can’t see our own hearts break), so we’ll take it.

Set to lose his one remaining eye to cancer, Isaac, mutual support group friend of Hazel Grace and Augustus, decimate all of Augustus’ basketball trophies in a post-break-up rage. It was a scene that expressed a foil to Gus and Hazel’s relationship: love isn’t always true love or, if you will, “always” doesn’t mean forever.

NOTE: Yes, we did cheat a bit because Jimmy Fallon aired a clip from this exact scene earlier this week.

Meeting Van Houten

Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace and Augustus’ fateful trip to Amsterdam was a good lesson in why you should never meet your idols. Van Houten was nothing what Hazel or Gus expected; he was an pretentious buffoon of an alcoholic who listened to un-extraordinary Swedish rap music. While he might’ve given Hazel an answer as to what had happened to Sisyphus the hamster in An Imperial Infliction, but nothing more. His non-answers would deliver one of Green’s arguing points: books belong to the reader, and not the author. As such, the author is not “qualified” to say what happens to characters after the book ends.

It wasn’t what Hazel wanted but she did take away from postive-ish moment from her encounter with Van Houten as he treated her like crap as he would with anyone else.

Gus Reveals his Secret

The Fault In Our Stars

This was the real turning point in the novel as Hazel would soon discover that everything she assumed about her relationship was Gus was wrong. She thought she would be the one to hurt him, to have left him behind with her dying. Alas, it was he, the one who was so intent on going after her, who would do what she feared the most. Prepare the tissue box.

Gus’ Last Good Day

The Fault in Our Stars extended trailer

SOURCE: Yahoo Movies (This is obviously not the scene but they’re close to the LITERAL heart of Jesus)

On the off-chance that we haven’t started weeping yet, we’re sure the flood gates will open the moment Isaac and Hazel Grace deliver their pre-funeral eulogies to a dying Gus. Without the characters knowing that it would be Gus’ Last Good Day, they were able to express their sincere emotions without having to sugarcoat it like they would later do for his real funeral.

It was also a touching “coming full-circle” moment as his last good day occurred un the Literal Heart of Jesus, a.k.a. the church basement where Support Group meets every week and where Hazel would meet the true love of her life.

Gus’ Letter

Shailene Woodley as Hazel

This isn’t the most cinematic of scenes, but the very last page of the book delivers one amazing gut punch. It was probably the closest Green could get to ending the book mid-sentence without having to do so. It also helped end TFIOS on a positive note by confirming what Hazel already knew: that she loved Gus and wouldn’t change anything about their time together.

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