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Posted on June 3, 2014 by Rebecca Mattina

As an admirer of British pop culture, ANDPOP’s Rebecca Mattina jumped at the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom for five months. While there, she’ll be writing about all the amazing things we’re missing out on from across the pond.

One British boy band is great, but two are even better. They’re five charming and fit boys and a whole lot of talent; there’s only one super-group I could possibly be talking about.

Last year, McFly’s Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher, and Danny Jones combined their musical powers with Busted’s Matt Willis and James Bourne to become McBusted. (Notably absent is Busted’s Charlie Simpson who pursued a separate music career which caused the band to split up in 2005).

Before they made the fan-approved decision, there was speculation after Busted joined McFly on stage during the latter’s 10th Anniversary at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Not long after the show, a joint website and Twitter account appeared, making the joint venture official.

Here’s a taste of the McBusted magic, and yes, they fit together better than Niall and Nandos.

I caught the McBusted madness during their third show in Bournemouth last week. It was as exciting and cheeky as I expected: three inflatable breasts hung from the ceiling which shot out confetti, Matt wore a wedding dress during their performance of “Crashed the Wedding,” and the rest of the group even brought a fan on stage to spank Dougie because he was “very naughty” that night. All in all, it was just another day in the life of the McBusted boys.

There wasn’t a second during their entire set where the crowd wasn’t riled up and having the time of their lives. Those boys know how to make girls go crazy — this girl included.

Fans of both groups got the chance to hear their favourite songs as their set list included a perfect balance of McFly and Busted numbers. It was amazing how easily they all fit on stage together.

Their 32-date tour sold out quicker than you can say “Dougie Poynter looks hot with a pink guitar” (true fact, by the way. He pulls it off quite nicely).

And if the tour wasn’t good enough, the boys have confirmed they’ll be heading to the studio this summer to make an album!

Now that they’ve toured the United Kingdom, I’ve decided the next step for the group is a North American tour (pretty please!). Until they decide to make the journey here, we’ll always have videos like these to enjoy (seriously, guys, we need you over here).

The Essentials


Group members: Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, Danny Jones (McFly), Matt Willis and James Bourne (Busted)

Known for: Two separate, successful boy bands (McFly and Busted) that joined forces to become one musical super-group

Used in a sentence: The boys of McFly and Busted came together as one band, seamlessly fitting together and touring with the songs fans know and love.

File next to: All Time Low, Blink-182

Download now: The Birth of McBusted

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