Daniel Radcliffe Makes Our Hearts Burst With Happiness In The First Trailer for What If

Posted on May 29, 2014 by
What If

For those still waiting for a new and decent rom-com flick, Daniel Radcliffe might be your saving grace.

The British actor is positively charming opposite the adorable Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) in the first trailer for their upcoming film, What If.

The film, which first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, follows Wallace (Radcliffe), a young med school dropout, who strikes up a friendship with animator Chantry (Kazan) and his old college roommate’s cousin (as played by Girls’ Adam Driver). The two become close but are kept apart thanks to Chantry’s live-in boyfriend.

Set in Toronto, Wallace and Chantry do all the cute, awkward things only friends who want to be more than friends do with each other in the trailer: they play ping-pong, he helps her get out of a dress that’s way too small, they talk about what love does to people, etc.

There’s even brief talk of whether men and women can truly be friends! Yes, they really did cover all the rom-com bases!

What’s not shown is their meet-cute which, if the clip we saw a month ago is any indication, is actually really cute!

But can we talk about how much we love seeing Toronto be part of a movie? You know, as opposed to pretending it’s New York City, Chicago, or whatever big American city Hollywood fancies at the moment. It happens (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!), just not that often.

In summary: Yay Daniel Radcliffe! Yay Zoe Kazan! Yay rom-com! Yay Toronto!

What If hits theatres this August.

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