Superfruit Explore The Evolution Of Miley Cyrus Through Song!

Posted on May 28, 2014 by

Our favourite YouTube singing duo, Superfruit, bring tears to our eyes with their latest video, “The Evolution of Miley Cyrus.”

Wearing some bad ass tees (you can never have enough Miley), Mitch and Scott sing all of our favourite Miley songs beginning with the Hannah Montana theme song, “The Best of Both World” all the way to her latest chart topper, “Adore You.” They even end the video with a beautiful mashup of her greatest hits.

Thanks to Superfruit, we may just be a tiny bit weepy as the singing duo proved why Miley is no one-trick pony. Her ever chameleonic ways are evident in this video thanks to her huge music catalogue. There’s also no doubt in our mind that this already established artist will have a long career ahead of her.

Slay, Miley. Slay Superfruit.

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