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Man Crush Monday: Ed Sheeran

Posted on May 26, 2014 by
Ed Sheeran

For a while there, it seemed like Ed Sheeran has been writing songs for everyone but himself (One Direction, Taylor Swift, Rixton, Usher, a ditty for The Hobbit, etc.). And while we love everything and anything Ed touches, we selfishly wished that he would finally come out with something new.

Our wish has finally come true as the 23-year-old singer-songwriter/lyrical genius will soon release the follow-up to his number one album, +. Leading the new album X (out June 24) is the Pharrell-produced “Sing,” a major departure from his acoustic lovelorn tracks thanks to its sexy, funky edge.

With the newly released puppet-fronted “Sing” music video, I just had to name Ed Sheeran our latest Man Crush Monday!

If you don’t love him yet, you definitely will after you read what I have to say about him.

SOURCE: mcflying-at-hogwarts on Tumblr

SOURCE: mcflying-at-hogwarts on Tumblr

He’s BFFLs with everyone

SOURCE: harrystylesd on tumblr

SOURCE: harrystylesd on tumblr

It’s a given musicians and actors mingle with each other, but Ed’s on a whole other level. Sheeran is pretty popular in the entertainment world having befriended America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift, One Direction (he wrote “Little things” for them), actress Courteney Cox, and even man-band Rixton.

Where can we sign up to be BFFLs with Ed?

His vocals

For the last couple of years, it’s been one guy with his guitar. Ed doesn’t need any gimmicks or dancers behind him to put on an amazing show. I also love how he can also cover any song and make it sound completely his own.

Just check out the acoustic cover he did of Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love.”

He’s a tattoo artist

Did you know that Ed has actually tattooed a couple of people? It sounds a bit odd, but how awesome is it he has inked one of our favourite British boys, Harry Styles?! Amongst all those tattoos on Harry’s body, Ed is responsible for the locket tattoo near the 1D boy’s hand.

He also inked MuchMusic host Phoebe Dykstra, and honestly, I’m so jealous.

Who wouldn’t want to be inked by Ed?

His love for his Sheerios

SOURCE: sheeriosnotcheerios on Tumblr

SOURCE: sheeriosnotcheerios on Tumblr

Sheerios, Ed Sheeran’s fanbase, are one supportive bunch. They’re so great that Ed can’t help but send back the love.

During one gig two years ago, Ed stopped his show after a fan suffered an asthma attack in the third show. He made sure that the fan was okay and even held her hand as she was being carried away by security.

And this ladies and gents, is why Ed is one of a kind.

He can rap

SOURCE: edtacos on Tumblr

SOURCE: edtacos on Tumblr

All you Sheerios know that this boy can rap and boy, can he rap well. If he wanted to, he could probably release a rap album and it would do just as well as +. I just know it.

Just watch this and be a witness the greatness.

In love yet? I know you are.

Ed Sheeran’s new album X is out June 23rd!

SOURCE: edsheerangif on Tumblr

SOURCE: edsheerangif on Tumblr

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