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Ellen Page Dreams About Justin Bieber and IKEA

Posted on May 24, 2014 by

Keeping track of your schedule is hard enough, let alone remembering your own dreams. But when Ellen Page sets her tiny head on her pillow, strange things occur.

Stopping by the set of Conan to chat about X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Canadian actress opened up about her many unusual dreams, including nightmares about um, pubic hair.

“My anxiety dreams tend to always relate to pubic hair,” Page said. “So I’ll be like on stage getting ready to act, and I’m just in my underwear, and I just look down and it might as well be an old man’s beard or something. Or I’ll be topless and it will be up to my [chest]. Like a reverse hairy chest.”

But that’s not all Page dreams about. She also revealed that her subconscious also thinks about hanging with Justin Bieber.

“We were in his like childhood home in Canada, just hanging out, and his mom came home with takeout from IKEA, and we were like, ‘Yeah!'” she explained. “We were stoked. We were like, ‘Yes, our favourite!'”

Having Page describe such vivid dreams only reminds me too much about Inception (Yeah, you knew that reference was coming). Maybe Justin Bieber was the one who planted the idea of eating IKEA food together in her  subconscious. After all, Canadians NEED to stick together.

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