Austin Mahone Honours HIs Mahomies In The “All I Ever Need” Music Video

Posted on May 23, 2014 by

Austin Mahone gets teary eyed as he watches video of his lovely Mahomies in the “All I Ever Need” music video.

In the video, a smiling and proud Austin watches footage projected onto a blank wall of fans who are excited to see him. He’s also shown checking messages and tweets from his loving fans from around the world.

What?! These aren’t tears in our eyes… There’s just a lot of dust in the office…

Okay, fine. You got us. We were crying but can you blame us? The whole video is just such a sweet homage from Austin to his adoring Mahomies. It’s also an amazing reminder of just how far the 18-year-old has come and how much his fan base has grown.

We’re so proud of Austin for not only making such amazing music, but for helping pull together a diverse community of fans. So, thank you, Austin, for everything you’ve done so far. We can’t wait to hear your debut album, The Secret, when it drops next Tuesday.

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