Ed Sheeran Turns Into A Muppet For His “Sing” Music Video

Posted on May 22, 2014 by
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is no fan of the music video camera, and it shows. It’s like he’ll avoid the camera’s lens at all costs whenever he can, and his efforts have made for some pretty entertaining video. (Have you forgotten about the time Rupert Grint was an obsessed fan in “Lego House? We haven’t.)

This time around, he has left the brunt of the “Sing” music video acting to a muppet version of himself. Muppet Ed even has the ginger beard! Aw, cute!

Unlike the real Ed, his pint-sized counterpart is more devious. He drives like a maniac, hits on bartenders at karaoke bars, picks up girls while cruising around in a stretch Hummer and visits a seedy strip club. Too bad he can’t seem to keep his partying at a respectable level.

The real Ed Sheeran makes his first appearance by the time the chorus hits and by the video’s end, they go out for one crazy night.

Apparently being Ed Sheeran isn’t enough (cray!) as the X singer has enlisted the help of Pharrell Williams (The song’s producer and without his fancy hat) for a cameo. Check out the video below!


Ed Sheeran’s new album, X, drops June 23.

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