Austin Mahone Makes You Want To Dance With “Next To You”

Posted on May 22, 2014 by

Austin Mahone has released the official audio of “Next To You” ahead of the release of his debut album, The Secret (out May 27).

Set to a slideshow of various photos of Austin Mahone, the song makes you want to do two things: get up and dance and reminisce over how far this 18-year-old has come.

In fact, we really can’t get over just how deep his voice has become! We’re both proud of Austin and weirded out by the whole process of adolescence (must it move so quickly?). We’d also like to point out that there’s a photo of him cuddling with a teddy bear.

WE REPEAT, HE’S CUDDLING WITH A TEDDY BEAR AND IT’S MAKING OUR HEARTS BURST WITH HAPPY FEELINGS. Aw, Austin. You may be much older these days, but we’ll always think of you as a cuddly, sweet teddy bear.

Austin Mahone’s debut album, The Secret, drops May 27.

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