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Interviewer gives Ryan Gosling A Shirt of Macaulay Culkin Wearing A Shirt of Gosling Wearing A Shirt of Macaulay

Posted on May 21, 2014 by

Good looking guy Ryan Gosling has finally emerged from whatever Hobbit hole he’s been hiding in to promote his directorial debut Lost River at the Cannes Film Festival.

While doing press in the beautiful south of France, one intrepid interviewer from Le Grand Journal presented Gosling with a t-shirt with Macaulay Culkin wearing t-shirt of Gosling wearing a t-shirt of a young Macaulay Culkin on it. (It starts at the 7:40 mark.)

In other words, t-shirtception has finally come full circle in real life.

Ryan Gosling

We don’t know if it was the language barrier or if it all stopped being funny to Gosling, but the actor/rookie director didn’t look quite as impressed.  We’d like to think he has a good sense of humour and was secretly super stoked about it afterwards. After all, he did seem downright gleeful when he received a tea towel with his face on it.

Then again, maybe he was told about the mixed — neigh, negative reviews his film has been getting right before he went into his interview. (Sorry, Ryan, you can’t win them all.)

In other happier news, one of the film’s stars, Matt Smith (a.k.a. The Doctor from Doctor Who) was also present during this particular interview. Fans will be happy to know that while his hair may not be the towering beauty it once was, it is indeed making a comeback. YAY!

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