Austin Mahone Interviews Mahomie Number One To Be His New Manager

Posted on May 20, 2014 by
Austin Mahone on Funny or Die

Austin Mahone gets the last laugh as he interviews two unexpected Mahomies to be his managers in this Funny or Die skit.

While he might look much, much older than your average Mahomie, we don’t think you understand just how big of a fan The League’s Paul Scheer really is. From the “Mahomies 4Eva” posters to talking about doing some bad thing to other fan groups (tsk tsk), he sounds like he’d ride or die for Austin.

But relax, guys. Scheer and his assistant are definitely out of the running for the manager spot after this interesting conversation. Austin doesn’t want anyone taking being a Mahomie too far. After all, it’s all about making peace, not war.

But if being a Mahomie is part of the criteria, we’d like to apply. We’re already fans, you told one of our staff that she was the best and we wouldn’t mind following you around the world.

So when can we sit down for an interview, Austin? Call us.

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