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Lea Michele Clears ‘Glee’ Cast Fight Rumours

Posted on May 17, 2014 by

If you were scared that your faves from the Glee cast were fighting, Lea Michele wants you to know it’s not true.

After reports of a feud between her and Naya Rivera  hit, Michele told David Letterman on his show earlier this week that feuding between the cast are just lies. According to the rumours, Rivera was booted off the show because her of her bad behaviour.

“It’s really unbelievable, the amount of things that can be just completely made up.  And it’s really frustrating,” she said.

But questioning her even more, Letterman didn’t seem completely convinced.

” If it did happen…did it happen, or didn’t it happen?”  he asked.

” No! Absolutely not!”  she said.

“I think that the way people like to pit like, women against each other, not to get so serious, but it’s really annoying and it’s really sad.  You know for me, if there were really a fight – a cat fight-  on the show, you’d know about it because I’d get like a ring and I’d put JELL-O in it and I would make it fun for everyone! It would be super hot!”

So there you have it. Perhaps Rivera and Michele are really just amazing actors who can fight well on screen, but are buds in real life. After all, Glee creator Ryan Murphy even put the feuding rumours to rest earlier this week.

“I don’t think there is a story between Naya and Lea,” he said. “Naya’s coming back next year, Lea’s coming back next year – anybody ever in that cast has an open invitation to come back and finish the character they so beautifully started.” 

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