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Hanson Taste and Review Their Mmmhops Beer

Posted on May 17, 2014 by

From being talented musicians and philanthropists, Hanson are also beer connoisseurs.

Just in time for American Craft Beer Week, brothers Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson celebrated their Mmmhops beer’s nationwide release with a special tasting with PEOPLE. The beer,  a pale ale, was released by the band last year.

While promotions can often get repetitive and boring, naturally, the brothers were their goofy selves from start to finish.

“Ike, what comes to mind when you taste this, besides magic and unicorns?” Taylor asks Isaac while handing him a glass of the beverage.

“Mmm, hops,” Isaac jokes.

But not to let business get away, Taylor soon asked Isaac to describe the beer.

” I would say it’s a very malty pale ale. It’s got a nice, lively nose to it,” he replied. “This is a very good introductory pale ale for those that are not familiar with craft beer.”

But just as the discussion starts to get productive, it doesn’t last long.

“As a musician, what kind of notes does this beer have?” Zac asks.

“Mostly C minor,” Taylor quickly jokes back. “It’s not as sad as D minor … it tugs at the heartstrings, and then afterwards, you get kind of a big C major.”

Oh…brother(s). I guess they aren’t such great beer tasters after all!

But on the other hand, at least they sound like a fun group to drink with (but remember,don’t drink and drive!).

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