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Top Tweets of The Week: Ben Affleck’s Batman, Cute Celeb Baby Photos, T-Shirt-Ception And More

Posted on May 16, 2014 by
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

With countless celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on with everyone — until now. Every Friday, ANDPOP’s Gabriella Zicarelli will be rounding up the best celebrity tweets to help you stay in the loop.

The “Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch” Puns Continue

It’s no secret we love Benedict Cumberbatch. We just can’t get enough of those grey/blue eyes, his British accent and his name (it’s so much fun to say!). Thor 2/Two Broke Girls actress Kat Dennings even contributes her own Benedict joke.

We can laugh because we love.

Rocking The Canadian Tuxedo In case you haven’t heard, the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are happening right now, and who’s been using their time off wisely to get in a few games? Well, it’s none other than our favourite Canadian superhero, Stephen Amell a.k.a. Arrow! The Toronto-native has been supporting the Los Angeles Kings but it seems his Canada-inspired get-up hasn’t been helping the team luck-wise.

And for photographic evidence:

stephen amell

SOURCE: Stephen Amell on Facebook

Ten points to you, Stephen, for keeping it Canadian.

It’s The Little Things

Discovering you have enough of your favourite dinner left over for lunch tomorrow, getting a pair of rockin’ new shoes on sale… These are just the little things that can easily brighten up a dreary day. With that being said, I think we can all appreciate Stephen Merchant’s excitement when he stumbled onto some accidental free parking.

Even more of a victory if you’re downtown, in a busy city that overcharges for parking … Cough, Toronto, cough.


As much as we enjoy the times when Ryan Gosling opts to not wear a shirt, we also throughly enjoy his dress sensibilities, including this Macaulay Culkin shirt. This week, the Home Alone star returned the favour by wearing a tee with a photo of Ryan wearing said Macaulay Culkin shirt.

I can’t be the only one hoping Ryan keeps this going. So meta. Batman vs. Superman! I’ll be honest: I’m a total geek when it comes to Superman. It’s always exciting to know that the comic book superhero has Canadian roots (his co-creator is Canadian artist Joseph Shuster), and we’ll get to see more of Henry Cavill back in his Man of Steel outfit in the upcoming sequel (bonus points if he’s not in the spandex suit). It only gets better as the Zack Snyder-directed flick will pair nerdy but buff Clark Kent with another major superhero, Bruce Wayne’s Batman. Our nerdy little hearts might’ve started to beat a little too fast when the director shared a sneak peek at Batman Vs. Superman when he tweeted a photo of Batman’s wheels of choice, the Batmobile.

Our heart rates got worse when he tweeted this first look of actor Ben Affleck as the caped crusader.

Ugh, why must we have to wait until May 2016?!   “WWJD” (the “J” Doesn’t Stand for Jesus) Singer Solange Knowles one-sided elevator brawl again her brother-in-law Jay Z became golden material for comedians everywhere this week. From late night monologues to 140-character tweets, many had their fun with the, dare we say, over publicized incident, including our new favourite funny man and find from “Across The Pond,” Jack Whitehall.

It’s just that much more funny after seeing Ed Sheeran tweet “WWBD.” I guess the important lesson here is before making any decision, we should always consider what the royal couple of music would do.  Too Precious The Office star John Krasinski gave fans their first official look at his and Emily Blunt’s new bundle of joy, Hazel, via Twitter. The star also took the time to send a message to the paparazzi by including the hashtag #NoKidsPolicy. By doing so, he showed his support for the movement that would prohibit publications from using candid photos of “celebrity kids” in tabloids (i.e. while they’re being picked up at school, walking around in public with their parents, etc.).

Too cute!

The Barden Bellas Are Back!

If this Amy Schumer skit on what it’s like to watch a movie with your significant other is any indication, everyone loves Pitch PerfectHunger Games actress and Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks announced via Twitter that the musical sequel will hit theatres May 15! Yay! She was also nice enough to share a photo of the cast wearing some bitchin’ Barden Bellas jackets.

So how can we fulfill our singing fantasies by getting our hands on one?

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