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Let’s Play “Would Justin Bieber Date You?”

Posted on May 16, 2014 by

Have you ever wasted away a math class dreaming about that one special somebody? Was that special somebody devilishly handsome and happened to be named Justin Bieber?

If so, you’re just one step closer to dating Justin Bieber! Yay!

But as anyone who’s ever tangoed with love would know, liking someone just isn’t enough. You have to be compatible with that person before you could enter a relationship with them. You have to be willing to try out their interests and, as equally important, they need to do the same with yours. And, UGH, don’t even get us started on culinary tastes!

While we can’t predict which of your crazy hobbies Justin will take an interest in, we do know a little too much about the 20-year-old international pop star. And as self-proclaimed Justin Bieber experts, we’ve set up a little YouTube game to test your compatibility with the “PYD” singer.

So what are you waiting for? Hit play to see if Justin Bieber would date you!

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