5 Hairstyles to Try For Prom

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With the endless array of unique hairstyles out there that are available for young girls with long, healthy locks, choosing the perfect hairstyle for prom may seem like quite the daunting task. First, you have to make sure the hairstyle you choose will pair well with your dress, look fab in photos, and most importantly, not leave you glued to the bathroom mirror all night in an attempt to save the crazy dramatic do that has fallen out as a result of excessive dancing.

The key to a great prom hairstyle is to choose one that you not only love, but one that works well in your hair, and is simple, yet eye catching (will keep the attention of your date all night).

For those of you ladies who may have hair a little on the short side, opt for a low, textured up-do or beachy waves. On the other hand, if you’ve been blessed with long, luscious locks, make sure to take full advantage and get creative with a ballerina bun, a funky braid, or a glamorous old Hollywood do.

Here are five easy hairstyles that are perfect for your prom night!

1. Loose Up-Do

Difficulty: Easy

This low up-do (a.k.a. the short hair chignon) is meant for girls with shoulder length or even shorter locks, who may find themselves struggling to find the perfect prom hairstyle . All that’s needed for this elegant look is a headband of your choice, along with a few curls and twists and… voila! The perfect romantic low-do.


2. Halo Braid

Difficulty: Easy

The halo braid is a unique and easy prom hairstyle that works best with medium to long hair, and can be versatile depending on whether you prefer to wear your hair curly, wavy or sleek and straight. It’s as simple as braiding two small, separate strands of hair and lifting them to meet at the top of your head, making it perfect for those who don’t plan on putting much time or effort into your prom do. It can also be paired with any style of dress and any make-up look you choose.


3. Old Hollywood Glam Curls

Blake Lively

SOURCE: Teen Vogue

Difficulty: Hard

Sleek and pinned back on one side of the head, with voluminous side-swept curls on the other, this vintage old Hollywood hairstyle is sophisticated and classy. The secret to achieving the full vintage look is to go big with thick curls, and a long, slinky black or white gown for a classic, elegant look. But don’t stop there! Opt for a plum or deep red lip and winged eyeliner to achieve the full movie star appeal.


4. Ballerina Bun 

Difficulty: Medium

The ballerina bun is a look that works best on long, thick locks in order to achieve that full, sleek look. If you find that your hair isn’t quite thick enough to be made into a bun, sock buns are available for purchase as a substitute so that your own hair can simply wrap around the sock. The ballerina hairstyle allows for a Cinderella-type look when paired with a princess style dress, and make-up of your choice.


5. Beach Waves 

Difficulty: Medium

Beachy waves are the perfect hairstyle for the laidback ladies who like to have fun without worrying about ruining their perfect curls. These loose waves allow you to bounce around the dance floor as your hair follows suit. They also happen to be the perfect hairstyle for the warm, spring weather. These loose, beach waves are best paired with subtle, rosy make-up and a strapless dress so that you don’t have to worry about your long locks hiding any part of your gown. This hairstyle also goes great with a short, 90’s-inspired slip dress for a look that allows for freedom as you dance the night away.


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