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The Originals Ep. 22 Recap: From a Cradle to a Grave

Posted on May 14, 2014 by
Klaus and Elijah argue

Shit got real last week, like Jay Z-Solange elevator real. A violent attack took place, Francesca hijacked the moon rings, (’cause, whoops! She’s a werewolf), and Hayley was wolf-napped.

The finale began with Klaus busting in on Hayley and the witches, but they managed to pin him to the wall. Hayley gives birth, the witches cut the cord, and Hayley asks to hold her daughter. Surprisingly, they let her and even more surprising, they then slit her throat, leave her for dead, and take the baby while Klaus could do nothing but watch.



Cami wants to help Marcel and Davina save all the vamps who were bitten by wolves last week, so she shows them Father Kieran’s secret room. There, Davina finds the Devil’s star (one throw is equivalent to a 1000 cuts). Needless to say, she pocketed dat shit.

Eljiah walks into the church and sees Klaus holding a dead Hayley. Devastated, they went looking for baby Mikaelson. For the first time in (literally) forever, Elijah loses his composure and cries because of Hayley. If it weren’t so sad, it would be kind of hot. Then, all of a sudden, Hayley wakes up from the dead and walks out of the church where Klaus left her. She then super casually meets up with Elijah and Klaus.

Elijah touches Hayley's face

In case you’re wondering, Hayley died with the baby’s blood in her system, so she’s currently in transition to becoming a werewolf-vampire hybrid. (Seems like her and Klaus have more in common after all.) Hayley, Elijah and Klaus find the witches and stop the sacrifice. Hayley kicked Genevieve’s ginger ass, Klaus killed one of Genevieve’s minions as Monique tries to continue on with the baby sacrifice. She was stopped after Marcel threw the Devil’s star at her and snatched baby Mikaelson.

Seagulls from Finding Nemo

After all that work, Marcel was too late; he couldn’t save his vampire friends with the baby’s blood, but Klaus was still grateful he saved his daughter, so he offers Marcel his blood to heal himself (which is ironic ‘cause Klaus is the one who bit him last week). They kind of bro’d out and we’re really glad because it’s about time these besties put their differences aside.

By the way, Davina finally resurrected Papa Mikaelson. While Klaus held his daughter, Papa Mikaelson looked at them with the white oak stake in tow (you know Original kryponite). Davina isn’t as dumb as she looks though; the spell she cast upon Papa Mikaelson had a special clause, where she’ll let him to seek revenge on Klaus on her terms. Until then, it’s trapped in the attic until next season.

Elijah and Hayley play good cop-bad cop with Genevieve (except they’re both bad cops) as they try to get the answers to why she needed to sacrifice baby Mikaelson. It’s all Esther’s wishes, according to Genevieve. Esther, you may remember, is Mama Mikaelson. As long as the child lives, the witches will never stop trying to kill her, she declares. Hayley has had enough and stabs Genevieve. Here we thought grandparents were supposed to spoil you, not sacrifice you.

Johnny Knoxville from Bad Grandpa

Later, Hayley gets to hold her precious baby girl while Klaus and Elijah chitchat about the danger she’s in. Elijah suggests they all pack up and leave but Klaus argues that the witches would hunt them down if they do. Hayley pipes in and says the only thing to do is send the baby away and clean up the mess they’ve made. Elijah interrupts her and is firm in his belief that the witches would hunt the baby down anyways. Like a light bulb turning on, Klaus proposes an idea: what if no one knew the baby was alive…


Oliver goes to see Marcel. Marcel says he knew that the Guerreras (Francesca’s wolfy clan) want the Quarter to be a vamp-free zone. Marcel said he’d unleash hell unless they let the vamps live across the river. Oliver asks why he thought Klaus would side with vamps over the wolves, and Marcel says because the wolves “killed” his daughter (which of course was part of Klaus’ plan to save baby girl Mikaelson). Sneaky, sneaky!

If Klaus, Elijah and Hayley all left together it would look mighty suspicious to the witches, so Klaus gives baby Mikaelson to Aunt Rebekah (who drove into town for the occasion—goodness, we’ve missed her). Klaus advisea her to seek a trustworthy witch to do a cloaking spell so no one can find mini-Mikaelson (who we learn is named Hope).

The season comes to an end at the cemetery, where a newly resurrected pair claim they had much to do. The male says “Yes, mother” as the camera panned down to reveal Esther Mikaelson’s tombstone. Cliffhanger much?

Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus

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