Austin Mahone Fills Our Hearts With Hope As He Drops “All I Ever Need”

Posted on May 13, 2014 by

Austin Mahone, a.k.a. our current Man Crush Monday, has released another hit. This time, it’s the love ballad, “All I Ever Need.”

Austin croons lyrics like,

“Don’t the water grow the trees
Don’t the moon pull the tide
Don’t the stars light the sky
Like you need to light my life”


“You’re all I ever need
Baby you’re amazing
You’re my angel come and save me”

It’s really no wonder why we’re crushing on this musical wunderkind. The slow love ballad fills our hearts with hope that maybe someday we’ll be the lucky girls he sings this song to onstage. Sigh… And so the fanfic writing begins….

“All I Ever Need” will appear on Austin’s upcoming debut album, The Secret (out May 27).

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