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An Open Letter to Harry Styles About His Tattoos

Posted on May 10, 2014 by

Harry Styles LOVES Brazil SO much that he has a new tattoo dedicated to the country. And its location? Just right under his hip.

During One Direction’s concert in Rio De Janeiro on May 8, Hazza treated his crowd of admirers with a special treat by unzipping his skinny jeans to reveal his black briefs and a tiny “Brasil!” tattooed on his left upper thigh.

Check out this very detailed slow-mo video of that sacred moment.

But as hot and steamy as this is, this new tattoo has given me mixed feelings. In fact, I am so conflicted about this that I have decided to compose an open letter to Harry Styles about his body art decisions.

Here goes:

Dear Harry Styles,

My name is Samantha and I have been a dedicated Directioner since 2012. Since I am a rather late fan, I believe that some would rather call me a “Directionator” because I haven’t followed you since your X Factor days, but I digress. Since becoming a fan, I have been to two One Direction concerts and loved every single glorious moment when you guys took the stage.

But recently, I have been a little concerned.  Concerned that you may be getting too many tattoos in such a short amount of time.

Please know that this letter is being written as a form of tough love, because I do CARE! I DO!!! 

I know it isn’t my business and that your body is your temple, but will you still enjoy these tattoos as you grow older? Tattoos are permanent my darling, and taking them off will be very painful AND expensive…although I’m sure the latter won’t affect you too much. 

I just hope each drawing holds a special meaning to you. What will you tell your children when what each picture means? How about your grandchildren?! What will you say when they ask about the time Uncle Ed Sheeran tattooed a clothes hanger on your arm? Or what about that ‘Pingu’ tattoo? WHAT WILL YOU SAY?! 

I bet you will have tons of stories to tell your kids, but perhaps tattoos might not be the best answer. But if you end up come across this letter by chance, I hope you can take some time to read my concerns

With love from just another fan,

Samantha Lui

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