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Top Tweets of The Week: 5SOS’ Michael Clifford Has Bad Aim, Zach Braff Cuddles With 1D’s Harry Styles and More!

Posted on May 9, 2014 by
Zach Braff Harry Styles

With countless celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on with everyone — until now. Every Friday, ANDPOP’s Gabriella Zicarelli will be rounding up the best celebrity tweets to help you stay in the loop.

Michael Clifford’s Bad Aim

Those 5 Seconds of Summer fellas really are sweethearts. They make sure to express how much they love and appreciate their fans as much as they can, and sometimes we’re even treated to a few, let’s say, revealing photos (by the way, thanks for that, Tumblr). Now they’re even making sure no one goes thirsty with the help of Michael’s bottle throwing skills. He might want to work on his aim for next time.

His heart was in the right place though and it is the thought that counts so brownie points to you Michael!

The Saga Of Harry Styles’ Bad Luck With Flying Objects Continues

What do tampons, a flying shoe and a glow stick all have in common? They’re all objects that have made some form of contact with One Direction’s Harry Styles. This week we can add a cute cuddly toy to the list. After the group’s most recent gig in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his dad, Des, shared on Twitter how he felt his son’s pain after Harry got hit in the bits, again.

Well at least it was something soft this time but maybe he should start doing shows in full body armour from now on. You know, just in case.    Matthew Gray Gubler’s New Look If there’s one thing we know about Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler it’s that he loves drawing some pretty quirky caricatures. It makes sense, given his equally quirky and adorable personality. So when he posted this photo of his “new face lift” you best believe it brought a bit of a chuckle to my day.

No face lift needed, Matthew! You look perfect just the way you are.

Cat’s Got Sass

Pretty much anything having to do with cats easily gets our attention, and how could it not? They want their space, they love curling up in a comfy corner to sleep… They’re literally the perfect spirit animal. So when The New Girl’s Hannah Simone posted this photo of her cat I couldn’t help but be impressed by the amount of sass.

It might just be me but the use of “Turn Down For What” as a caption just has me imagining this as a cat rap video. Girl Power We might have just fallen in love a bit more with this inspiring message Sophia Bush sent out as a part of #WCW. Always a supporter of woman empowerment, Sophia put out this little reminder that all us ladies are special.

This calls for some Beyoncé:


SOURCE: karlaxmena.tumblr.com

Zach Braff Tweets About Harry Styles… Again

So at what point do we begin to worry about Zach Braff and his love for Harry Styles? A few months ago, he tweeted that the 1D member was an excellent spooner, now he’s gone and created this doozy of a photo for #TBT,  involving the two BFF’s in bed.

In all honesty though, we really do love it.

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