Ed Sheeran’s Song for The Fault In Our Stars Movie, “All Of The Stars,” Makes Us Ugly Cry

Posted on May 9, 2014 by

Considering how much we cried while reading the book, featuring Ed Sheeran on The Fault in our Stars movie soundtrack is just really unfair.

Released on Friday ahead of the film’s June 6 opening day, the ginger prince’s new song “All of the Stars” is your typical Ed Sheeran track: sad, slow, heartfelt and beautiful. It even mentions Amsterdam (!!) in the lyrics, and fans of the John Green book of the same name will understand just how big of a role that beautiful, wonderful city plays in the story.

So no, it’s not okay to have Ed write a song for TFioS because you don’t know how much money we’ll be spending on tissue just so we could watch this movie. It’s just absolutely unfair because Ed Sheeran’s last album, +, made us cry and we hate, absolutely hate, feeling any kind of emotion other than happiness. It’s just too much work to deal with. Sigh. Sometimes being a fan is exhausting.

But it’s also really fun so you bet we’re going to be watching the special lifestream Ed Sheeran and the cast of TFioS will be apart of on May 14.

Special lifestream from Ed Sheeran and the Fault in our stars cast May 14. See more details on the official movie website.

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