Reign Recap: “Long May He Reign”

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Mary and Francis embrace after his return from war

In last night’s episode, episode 21: “Long May He Reign”, months have passed and Francis is now returning to Court from war. It’s really great to have an episode use the show’s motto as the title as it’s a term fans have been using to represent the show since it started.

Francis’s first move when he arrives home is to see and enjoy some time with his wife, Mary. Frary sex scenes have been lacking recently but this episode provides fans with a beautiful one.

During his return home, Francis also learns that Mary Tudor of England is now dead and King Henry wants to lead France’s army in a fight to get Mary Stuart on the English throne. Francis then goes off on a hunting trip with his father to try to convince the king to not enter another bloody war that would surely lead to their deaths.

We learn a lot about King Henry on this hunting trip and why he is the way he is. It turns out Henry’s father used his sons’ lives as a bargaining chip after the then-king was captured by the Spanish. As a result, Henry and his brother were traded to the Spanish and were held captive for three months.

King Henry and Francis bond on a hunting trip


Back in the present day, it looks like this father and son hunting trip was working as Henry starts to become reasonable again. It’s too bad that Mary and Catherine are working together on a plan to kill Henry back home. While they know that killing Henry would destroy Francis but save thousands of lives in the long run, they decide to poison Henry during his daily communion after he returns from his hunting trip.

Mary and Catherine conspire about King Henry


Mary starts getting cold feet over the assassination attempt and spills the beans to Francis after he came home. He then orders Mary and Catherine to call it off but it’s too late. Henry is attacked during communion anyways, but the old man is able to hold his own and proceeds to pulverize his attacker. After an experience like that, Henry decides that the only man he can and will trust is Mary’s uncle, Christian de Guise. Alas, there’s a twist: Mary, Cathering and Francis discover that Richard has his own agenda and ordered the attack on Henry’s life. He apparently is willing to double cross anyone and everyone to see his plans go through.

We then jump back to the long lost “Darkness” story arc. We learn that Bash has been spending months in the woods looking for The Darkness to no avail. On his latest trip, he finds a young boy, Pascale, covered in blood and mud. Pascale had been taken by The Darkness but somehow returned unharmed. This is Bash’s first major lead so he tries to get as much information out of the boy as possible. The problem is Pascale refuses to talk but eventually ends up only confiding in Kenna. During the carriage ride back to Kenna and Bash’s new home, Pascale explains that his parents are both dead: his father was killed by the “bad men in the woods.” Here’s the other twist: the bad man was Bash from an earlier episode as he had to sacrifice men for his own safety.

Kenna bonds with Pascale


Kenna ominously tells Pascale that bad men always get what’s coming for them and are punished just as Bash leaves for another mission back into the woods to find The Darkness. If that’s not some sort of foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

Bash isn’t the only “bad man” in town. Remember when I said there’s something up with Julien? Well guess what? It turns out Julien isn’t who he claims to be. The Julien we know — and some of us love — is actually Remy, the secretary to Lord Julien.

Julien confesses to Lola he isn't the real Lord Julien


When the real Julien’s uncle arrives to see his nephew, “Julien” is forced to explain to Lola that the real Lord Julien was a gambler and died a while back in a brothel fire. Having the Lord’s crest and personal items, Remy decided to become a new man, a royal one, and live a life of luxury.

While Lola is crushed and angry about the news she ultimately helps Julien/Remy in trying to convince the uncle that everything is okay. The plan backfires and the uncle is accidentally killed when Lola tries to save Remy during his fight with the real Julien’s uncle.

To solve all their problems, Remy and Lola burn down their house with the uncle’s body inside. They agreed that Lola would return to French Court and Remy would run far away. While I always knew there was something suspicious about this character, I instantly fell in love with him and it sucks that he’s turned out to be a fraud.

Remy burns down his house and Lola runs away


Well, Royals, next week is the season finale. Check back here for a final recap next Thursday and let me know what your thoughts are on this episode.

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