Musical Prozac: Little Mix, Nicki Minaj and More

Posted on May 8, 2014 by
Little Mix

ANDPOP’s Evan Ross takes you through her favourite new music videos and tracks of the week.

“Salute” by Little Mix

I have nothing to say about this video except that it is actual perfection and that I hope leashes for men will be available soon. [Ed Note: leashes are available but probably not the kind you’re thinking of so I’m going to stop here.]

“Yasss Bish!!” by Nicki Minaj ft. Soulja Boy

I’m not really sure what Soulja Boy contributes to this song but Nicki absolutely slays it. Maybe Soulja Boy just couldn’t help but agreeing and had to voice his opinion on the track.

“I Am Very Very Lonely” by Chance the Rapper & Social Experiment

A funky lil’ slow jam from the weirdest rapper around. Chance the Rapper: some days I love him, some days I really want him to stop screaming in my ear.

Water Fountain by tUnE-yArDs

The lead single off of Merrill Garbus’ latest albumĀ Nickki Nack. In true tUnE-yArDs fashion this song has tons of percussion, a weird video, and is tons of fun.

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