Ed Sheeran Helped Usher Write A New Song

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Ed Sheeran and Usher

It no secret that Ed Sheeran has a long, long, long list of collaborators that includes (but is not limited to) the likes Taylor Swift, One Direction, Pharrell and Hilary Duff (!!).

As it is with such a talent like our ginger prince, it looks like he’s still adding to that long list. He recently revealed that he has been working with R&B singer and The Voice judge Usher on a song.

He revealed to BBC Radio1’s Zane Lowe that Usher approached him about possibly working together after being seated next to each other at a Passover dinner.

“…It was quite random,” he said. “I met him once before, but never enough to be like ‘Yo what’s up man?’ but he went over to me with his phone and he’s like ‘Yo check it out’ and he downloaded Sing, And he was like ‘Yo, man, do you want to get in the studio sometime?’ and I was like ‘Yes, Usher, I would love to get into the studio sometime.’”

He also casually mentioned that he enlisted the help of Skrillex for the Usher track. “I had this guitar idea on my phone it was literally just a voice note and I emailed it to Skrillex then he took it in sampled it and made a beat out of it…,” he explained.

He and Usher then worked on melody and lyric ideas together.

“”It was one of those songs that, as soon as we finished it, we were jamming out listening to the rough mix of it and I’m in my head, thinking ‘I want this song.’”

Uh, Ed. You know who else wants the song? We do. We want to hear it right now, but we’ll be patient because we know that you can’t rush greatness. We’ll just gently try to nudge it along.

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