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#WCW: Jennifer Lawrence

Posted on May 7, 2014 by
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the kind of girl who trips at almost every award show, flips the bird at paparazzi and says the most awkward yet honest things. And while these moments would be embarrassing for us, they just make this 23-year-old downright loveable.

Without further ado, here’s why you should love our Oscar-winning #WomanCrushWednesday Jennifer Lawrence (if you don’t love her already, that is).

Jennifer Lawrence

SOURCE: jordylo94 on Tumblr

She’s clumsy like us

Jennifer Lawrence


It always appears like Hollywood actresses are the definition of poise and grace when it comes to walking the red carpet. But leave it to JLaw to be the only actress who fell at both the 2013 and 2014 Academy Awards. She was almost Disney princess-like when she fell up the steps while she was on her way to accept her Best Actress award in 2013. A year later, she tripped just moments after she stepped onto the red carpet. LOL!

She had her admirers laughing as she’s a humble reminder that it’s okay to make a fool out of yourself — even at a big, televised event two years in a row.

She’s quirky

Jennifer Lawrence with Ellen DeGenerous



SOURCE: dailyjlawrence on Tumblr

Whether she’s in the middle of an interview with a prestigious figure, on the set of her latest flick or attending a televised award show, Jennifer Lawrence has never been afraid to show off her silly side.

She fangirls like us

It’s okay Jen, let it out. After her fall at the Oscars 2013, she had found out that Hugh Jackman, along side her co-star Bradley Cooper, was one of the men who tried to help her up and her response was so cute that I could watch over and over.

Let’s also not forget about the time she fangirl’d over Jack Nicholson (starts at :30) …

Or when she couldn’t get near Jeff Bridges (starts at 2:30) …

Her work with Bellewood Home For Children

There’s no place like home right Jen? Bellewood Home for Children is a non-profit organization that aims to take care of abused and homeless youth in Kentucky. Being that this is Jen’s home state, it holds a special place in her family’s heart and she urges everyone to help in anyway they can.

She’s a strong role model for young girls

Jennifer Lawrence

SOURCE: fyeahjlawgifs

Jennifer Lawrence made a conscious effort to make her Hunger Games hero, Katniss Everdeen, look strong but not skinny. She wanted her young fans to know that being thin isn’t the ultimate definition of beauty.

She’ a woman of many faces

There is no better way to end of this post but with her beautiful face doing some silly things.

Jennifer Lawrence

SOURCE: Perez Hilton

Perfect Woman Crush Wednesday, AMIRIGHT?

Jennifer Lawrence

SOURCE: toprotectyou on tumblr

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