The Originals Ep. 21 Recap: The Battle of New Orleans

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Elijah kicks butt

The main thing to take away from last episode was Elijah and Hayley’s epic smoochfest. Oh, and Papa Mikaelson may return to the land of the living.

Jackson and Oliver drove around looking for moon stones, but were interrupted by Marcel who got rid of the rocks. He and Diego roughed them up a bit. After Marcel left, Klaus and Elijah showed up. Klaus and Elijah got Jackson out before yet another explosion. Klaus said the stones would be hard to replace, but he had a backup plan — Francesca who happily obliged and supplied some more stones.

Francesca, Elijah, Klaus & Hayley discuss

Marcel gathered the vamps to strike against Klaus. Marcel and Klaus fought in the ensuing battle and both sides suffered many casualties (but the battle was not as brutal as the Bruins’ loss against the Habs last night). Marcel ended up setting the record straight by revealing that he didn’t set off the bayou bomb. He also mentioned that Klaus should ask Francesca about it.

We then jump to Cami who found Father Kiernan’s secret room which he filled with files, old photographs, artifacts, and a box conveniently labelled “For Cami.” It was through all these old things that she discovered Franny’s family is of wolfish decent. Understandably, she FTFO. Cami tried to warn Hayley but she was busy babysitting Genevieve who finished the spell for the moon stone rings. Franny grabbed the stones (which were originally meant for Klaus and co.) and said she’ll be taking them back her town.

Beyonce in her Girls video

Apparently, Oliver had some sort of pact with Franny but it isn’t revealed what they’ve agreed to. Franny also proclaims that the city would once again belong to the wolves, and that there is no revolution without sacrifice. Franny’s wolfy family starts biting everyone, including Klaus who couldn’t heal. And with a turn of a cloak, Genevieve betrays Klaus and links his blood to the moon stones. Now whenever someone uses the moon stone to keep themselves from turning into a wolf during a full moon, they’ll be drawing strength from Klaus and hurting him. Genevieve asked if Klaus ever cared about her at all, and he responded with “I suppose you’ll never know.”

Emma Stone in Easy A

Now to the older folk. Papa Mikaelson in ghost-form is still creepin’ on Davina. He sees Davina trying to save Josh who was bit by Klaus. Mikael then reveals himself and tells her that he’s the only man in history that Klaus is afraid of. She agreed to bring him back from the dead.

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Hayley was held hostage by the witches. We can’t be certain over all the yelling, but she might be going into labour. The witches told her the child is to be sacrificed. FYI, Elijah and Hayley kissed again–here’s hoping they get to second base next week amid Hayley’s contractions.

Seth Rogen in Knocked Up


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