How To Avoid Going To Prom Alone

Posted on May 6, 2014 by
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Prom season is almost here! Wow, so magical!

Seniors all over the country – and don’t pretend you’re not one of them – are picking the perfect outfit, practicing their dance moves, and dreaming about that special someone they want to go with. Unless you’re in a committed high school romance or have a BFF on lockdown, you’re probably close to being screwed — and not the kind of screwed you expect on prom night. The kind where you end up going to the big event solo and the best part of your evening is dancing to the first ten seconds of a Backstreet Boys song before you realize you’re so, so alone.

But if you want to avoid that sad scenario, we’ve put together a list of potential, easy-to-swoon prom dates that are guaranteed to make your night memorable.

1. One Direction

One Direction

You might not be able to convince the real guys to come with you, but don’t let that stop you from bringing 1D to prom. Have a favourite picture of them? Is it on the internet? Print it out and attach a popsicle stick! In a couple of minutes you’ll have not one, but FIVE dates to prom!

2. Your dog


Don’t you think your teachers would love to finally put a face to the dog that ate all those homework assignments? Giving them the opportunity to meet the paper-shredding culprit face to face will give them closure on that lost English midterm – what better way to close the high school chapter of your life?

3. A pizza


Pizza has been there for you. When your best friend kissed that boy you liked in the ninth grade, a hot slice (or six) of pepperoni was there to comfort you. When you needed a late night snack for your slumber party, a veggie pizza hit the spot for you and your vegetarian-for-a-week girlfriends. It’s low maintenance, easily accessible, and a will leave you feeling full at the end of the night.

4. Your imaginary friend

Caspar the friendly ghost

Caspar wasn’t an imaginary friend but you get the idea.

Remember your pal who kept you company in your younger years? Chances are they’ll say yes if you call them up and ask them to prom! And the best part is, because they’re imaginary you can make them the most handsome person in the world. Can you say prom king and queen?!

5. A doodle from your notebook.

Justin Bieber sketch

All of those boring classes spent sketching in the margins can pay off when prom rolls around. If you’re still getting bullied, bring the scary monster you cooked up in science. Looking to make the popular girls jealous? How about bring that sketch of Justin Bieber’s rippling abs to prom? The possibilities are endless!

Additional pro-tip: If you can’t even secure one of these, you can always get a box of tissues for cheap at the dollar store. Happy prom!

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