Andrew Garfield Show You Why You Should Never Say Anything Bad About Beyoncé

Posted on May 5, 2014 by

Andrew Garfield and the Saturday Night Live crew show you why you shouldn’t dare to say anything bad about Beyoncé in this fake thriller movie trailer for The Beygency.

In what could possibly be one of the best skits this season, Garfield stars as Daniel, a man who finds himself in mortal danger after he dared to mention that he wasn’t a “big fan of that one ‘Drunk in Love’ song.” Hunting him down is the dangerous Beyency, the “Single Ladies”-dancing group of men chasing down all those Beyoncé haters.

The video will make haters, fans and those who just think her music “aiight” laugh over just how close to home this skit actually hits. Obviously, the Beygency don’t exist (or do they?), but the raised eyebrows and judgemental looks one gets after confessing their not-so 100 per cent love over Beyoncé is enough to make you want to stay mum.

For the record, we love Queen Bey. All hail, Queen Bey! (Please don’t hurt us).

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