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Top Tweets of The Week: Tom Felton Gets On The Party Plane With The Cast of Doctor Who And More

Posted on May 2, 2014 by
Tom Felton with Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Karen Gillian

With countless celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on with everyone — until now. Every Friday, ANDPOP’s Gabriella Zicarelli will be rounding up the best celebrity tweets to help you stay in the loop.

“Party Plane” Fun With Tom Felton & The Cast of Dr. Who

Vacations are fun, but the flights not so much, right? Well, this is a flight we definitely wouldn’t mind being on. Harry Potter’s Tom Felton and Doctor Who darlings Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had a bit of fun during their recent flight to Comic-Con.


We might just be a bit jealous that Karen got to spend an entire flight with these British beauts.

Stars, They’re Just Like Us!

Just when you thought Rebel Wilson couldn’t be anymore your spirit animal, she manages to make us love her even more by sharing a mutual love of food and lounging in pyjamas all day.


Toaster Strudel Celebrates 10 Years of Mean Girls

This past Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of the teen classic, Mean Girls. While fans celebrated by sharing their favourite quotes and wearing pink (ON WEDNESDAY WE WEAR PINK!)the folks over at Toaster Strudel commemorated the occasion by sending a special gift to Lacey Chabert, a.k.a. Gretchen Weiners.

Source: narwhaaal.tumblr.com

Source: narwhaaal.tumblr.com

A Liam Payne Double-Hitter

Since it was hard choosing which of Liam Payne’s tweets we loved the most, the best solution was to just have both. This first tweet involves Liam, a parrot and cursing. The 1D member was determined to teach a parrot some new words that are as colourful as its feathers.

In the second tweet, the 1D lads decided to take part in a mega “Where We Are” tour selfie with their entire band.

The fact that it’s in black & white, just makes it all the more magical. 

Mindy Kaling’s New Business Venture

When it was announced that Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was “banned for life” and possibly be forced to sell the team because of his blatant racism, the Twitter-vese started throwing out names of who should/would/could be the NBA team’s new owner. Suggestions ranged from Oprah Winfrey and Magic Johnson. We, on the other hand, think they should head in a different direction and have funny girl, Mindy Kaling, fill the position.

Ten points for bedazzled uniforms.

Hayley Williams Is Now a Disney Princess

If there’s one thing we took away from Disney films as a kid it’s that animals love princesses. Whether it was Snow White or Mulan (she saves a whole country!!!)I think most girls have dreamt of being a Disney princess at some point in their lives. It looks like Paramore’s Hayley Williams has finally made that dream a reality.

It would’ve been a perfect Disney moment if she was singing while feeding the bird. Or maybe she’s not telling us some important details… Hmm…

A Special Message From Siva Kaneswaren

The TW Fanmily may not be looking forward to having The Wanted disband for good when their current Word of Mouth tour ends, but rest assured that it won’t be the last time they see them — or see Siva at least. The boy band member took to People Magazine’s Instagram account to reassure fans that although the band will be a part for a bit, he’ll still be around making music and even dabbling in film.

As great as this message is, we can’t help but still be heartbroken about The Wanted’s pending break.

Source: lost-flames.tumblr.com

Source: lost-flames.tumblr.com


“It’s Gonna Be May”

Well, it was that time of year again. You know that time of year when Justin Timberlake memes and GIFs flood our dashboards and feeds to remind us that May is just around the corner. It also seems like President Barack Obama couldn’t help but take part in the “It’s gonna be May” fun with this photo.

Yes, it’s not a tweet but hey, when it comes to Justin Timberlake and the President, rules can be broken.

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