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How To Speak Fangirl

Posted on May 2, 2014 by

It’s Friday and we’re on a mission to avoid all the important, pressing work things. So what can we do to help whittle down the hours until the weekend officially begins?

Well, if you’re in the ANDPOP office, you’d be testing someone’s the fangirl knowledge! That’s exactly what ANDPOP’s online editor Portia Baladad does in this week’s episode of Freaky Fun Friday. Her unsuspecting victim: ChartAttack.com‘s editor-in-chief Richard Trapunski.

So does this indie music buff know how to speak fangirl? Can he tell his FTFO’s from his afjdfadlfkjdhfl’s? Directioners from the Beliebers? And what’s his selfie game like?

You gotta hit that play button to find out!

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