Jesse (McCartney)’s Girl Is “Superbad” In His New Song

Posted on May 1, 2014 by
Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney is feeling a little badder these days — bad in the “gotta rock some fresh loafers, a badass leather moto jacket” sense. He may be rocking a classy trench coat in the cover artwork, but he sounds like one tough mother  — WATCH YO’ MOUTH, KIDS — in the preview for his new single, “Superbad.”

If you didn’t get the hint, McCartney’s new offering heavily draws on inspiration from the baddest of them all, Michael Jackson. It has one funkv bassline and one chorus where McCartney brags about how cool his girl is.

“Superbad” is the lead single off of his upcoming album, In Technicolor (out this summer), the first full-length record under his own label, Eight0eight Records. He tells Billboard that the album is his “proudest musical achievement to date.”

Fans will be able to buy this groovy song on iTunes starting May 6. You can listen to a preview of it below.

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