The Originals Ep. 20 Recap: A Closer Walk with Thee

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Father Kieran is dead and gone, and the key to the quarter is MIA. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get to the goods.

Papa Mikaelson chokes Klaus in church
Klaus arrives at Father K’s viewing, opens the coffin to reveal a baby before getting stabbed with a white oak stake by his father. Thankfully, it was just a dream. Elijah has been dreaming of papa Mikaelson too.  Can we take a second here to realize his name is Mikael Mikaelson? Moving on. Klaus and Elijah corner Genevieve to see if these dad dreams were her doing. Turns out, it wasn’t. It’s just two times the daddy issues for this pair.

Francesca asks Cami where Father K’s key is, who didn’t have an answer for her. She would soon learn, though, that Marcel has it. He doesn’t know what it opens, but apparently it can rule the supernatural beings. Cami left Father K’s real burial to visit her twin brother Sean’s grave. That’s when it hit her: any clue about the key would be buried with him. Cami and Marcel bust open her brother’s grave where she rediscovers a code that Sean taught her. In other words, he was meant to be dragged into this whole witch business.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino looking shocked

The mini witches practice their magic and perform a séance to channel Tim (Davina’s dead buddy), but not before Papa Mikaelson appears. Genevieve told Elijah that purgatory is disintegrating–The dead are being torn away into nothingness, but they’re not easily going away. Hayley and Francesca have an exchange–Hayley calls her a terrorist and then Francesca threatens her saying when she goes after someone, she doesn’t miss.

Beyonce in her Flawless video

Monique does some voodoo magic on Hayley. Hayley coughs a little while giving Cami her condolences, and asks her for a heads up on Francesca. Then she coughs up blood and passes out. Papa Mikaelson appears to Hayley and pulls her into a choke hold. She defends herself rather impressively for someone who is very pregnant, and returns to the realm of the living much to Klaus and Elijah’s joy.

cat punch

Hayley decides she’s going to move back in with Klaus. He shows her a nursery room, and said their child should be raised by her parents. D’awww. Elijah thanks Genevieve for her help and asks for more help; he would like a moonlight ring for Hayley using a spell from his mama’s grimoire (he knows she’s been eager to obtain the spell book). Genevieve knew that Monique put a spell on Hayley and said the baby needs to be born first, then die to fuel the witches’ powers.

Elijah reaches out to Klaus

Klaus asks his big bro if he thinks he’ll find peace when Mikael is truly gone. Elijah also says he might want to make peace with Marcel too. We flashback to adult Marcel and a tender moment where Klaus turned Marcel into a vampire. Present day Marcel tells Klaus he knows he’s up to something, and says Klaus taught him all he knows, he can’t afford to be weak, he’s got be stronger, and he will fight until he is dead. Klaus said he would except nothing less.

Hayley said if she died and someone threw a party she’d be pissed. Elijah said she almost did, and in a 1000 years he cant remember a time he felt so frightened. And, then in moment we’ve been waiting twenty episodes for, they finally kiss.

Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed

Papa Mikaelson showed up to Davina and said her friend Tim is gone, but he can get rid of Klaus (who killed Tim). Davina asked what she can do and Papa M said “bring me back to life”. We’re not sure that’s a good idea, D, but we’ll have to wait & see.

There’s only 2 episode left, folks–Catch The Originals Tuesdays at 8PM only on CHCH followed by Supernatural at 9PM.

Disclosure note: Channel Zero, the parent company of ANDPOP, also owns CHCH.

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