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Neil Patrick Harris Calls Heated Reaction to HIMYM Finale “A Compliment”

Posted on April 26, 2014 by

If you’re still seething over the ending of How I Met Your Mother (because I know I am!), Neil Patrick Harris has finally spoken up about it.

During an interview with David Letterman, he defends the series finale saying it was positive to see that people were upset by the ending.

“I think it’s a compliment to the show in a weird way because it means that they have grown up with these characters and feel like they wanted it to go a certain way. So I think it’s great, ” he said.

“As the show grew up, and as we grew up within the show, it ended in a more adult way. And I think it was a nice reflective kind of sad, but happy ending to a long, long story.”

But things got a little insulting when Letterman tried to make a joke about how fans couldn’t be entitled to their opinions because they get to watch the show for free.

“Well first of all, the people who may have been upset with it have no right to be upset. It’s free. They get the damn show free,” he said.

“It’s not like it’s 100 dollars a show! And if you don’t understand what the creators of the show and the actors of the show have produced for the finale, then you haven’t been paying attention!”

Oh, man. It almost sounds like Letterman hasn’t even watched the show…which is kind of ironic.

First of all, people probably pay to have cable to even have access to the shows. And don’t even get me started on people who have bought merch and DVDs over the past year.

And can we talk about the ending for one second? (If you need a refresher of what went down, click here).

Just because we can watch the show on TV doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to our own thoughts. And also, saying that the haters haven’t been paying attention to the work the show’s actors and creators have done feels like a slap in the face. After all, with that ending’s sloppy transitions and twists, it was like the producers weren’t even paying attention to the show’s plot/message and what people wanted!!

*Sigh*  Nine seasons and it all went downhill in a second.

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