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Jennifer Lawrence Flips the Bird at the Paparazzi

Posted on April 26, 2014 by
Jennifer Lawrence gives the middle finger to paparazzi

It can be hard to feel bad for celebrities when they’re rich and famous. But when it comes to being paraded around by the paparazzi, they totally have our sympathy.

ANDPOP’s favourite It-girl Jennifer Lawrence witnessed this last night in London when she was just trying to have dinner with her man Nicholas Hoult.  But caught in a swarm of photographers, the attention was clearly taking its toll on the actress.

After jumping into a pink cab, JLaw reacted in a way that many would. She stuck the middle finger at the paps and a really angry-looking glare.

While not all of us would have went as far as flipping off the paps, we totally get where JLaw is coming from and don’t blame her at all.

Personally, I love the fact that she has sweet Nick Hoult by her side to keep her calm. As seen in the photo, you can totally see that he prefers her to not give the paps any more candid pictures, as seen with his hand on her wrist.

But we’re sure JLaw doesn’t really regret it THAT MUCH. While giving the middle finger isn’t very flattering, we’re sure it gave her some gratification. After all, it wasn’t the first time she flipped the cameras off.

Lest we forget, the moment after she won the Oscar for Best Actress?

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars middle finger


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