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Jamie Foxx Shows Off His Multiple Talents on The Tonight Show

Posted on April 26, 2014 by
Jamie Foxx sings unsexy words unsexily

Jamie Foxx can do no wrong.

Stopping by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon April 25 to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he proved why he was a born entertainer by singing, dancing and making spot-on impressions. In fact, everything he did was so awesome that the program could have been renamed The Jamie Foxx Show that night.

The actor got things started with a super sexy rendition of some very unsexy words.  Crooning words like “ointment, staycation and mulch,” Foxx showed off his smooth and seductive vocals while tickling the keys of his candle-lit piano. It’s all in the way you perform it, right?

But just as things got heated up, Foxx showed off more of his musical talents. He laid a beat down for The Roots’ Tariq as he freestyled. *Fangirls*

But that wasn’t all.  Foxx then gave a high-powered dance lesson as Fallon dug up an old photo of the actor with Pharrell and Colin Powell.

At the time, Foxx recalls that he managed to get Powell, an American statesmen, to shake his hips on the dance floor while they were hanging out in the Hamptons.  The actor then got up on his feet and started demonstrating his dancing talents. In fact, he even tried to get fellow guest Bill O’Reilly to join him. But instead, gave a very spot-on impression of the political columnist from Fox News Channel.

Witnessing all of this greatness reminds me of the time Meryl Streep read boring texts in a variety of voices. I don’t like to make comparisons, but Jamie Foxx and Meryl Streep are most definitely on par with each other!!

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