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Top Tweets of The Week: Niall Horan’s Baby Photos, 21 Years of The Backstreet Boys and More!

Posted on April 25, 2014 by

With countless celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on with everyone — until now. Every Friday, ANDPOP’s Gabriella Zicarelli will be rounding up the best celebrity tweets to help you stay in the loop.

Uncle Olly

We were treated to a few “aw-worthy” photos this week, including one of singer Olly Murs and his adorable nephew having some Easter fun.

I can hardly handle the amount of adorable this one photo has to offer.  

Baby Niall

Caution: The next couple of photos may cause bouts of “awws” and squeals. Why? Oh, they’re just photos of a young Niall courtesy of his older brother Greg.

Would you just look at those little chubby cheeks!

21 Years Of BSB

What’s the best way to celebrate the 21 year anniversary of your band and Easter in the same weekend? Why, on the beach with a delicious cocktail — that’s exactly how Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson spent his holiday off.

Here’s to celebrating the many more years of the Backstreet Boys.


Ed Sheeran can be quite deep with his thoughts, what with his inspiring tweets and romantic lyrics and all. So when he wasn’t busy promoting his latest single “SING,” Ed Sheeran offered this new mantra.

I usually ask myself “what would Ed do?” but I guess Beyoncè works too.

Just a Couple Of “Boobs”

Before he takes over The Late Show next year, funny man Stephen Colbert paid David Letterman a visit Tuesday night. They talked about Stephen’s upcoming takeover and the time he turned down an internship with The Late Show. But as we all know, no interview is complete without a selfie.

 Well, aren’t they adorable.

The Avengers Are Back!

Robert Downy Jr. has joined Twitter and boy, are we grateful for it. Not only will we be able to enjoy his wit on a some-what regular bases but he also treated fans to this photo from the set  of Avengers: Age of Ultron

 Is it weird to be excited over a bunch of chairs? Yes, probably. Do we care? Not one bit. [Ed.’s note: I can’t get over RDJ’s chair.]      

That’s Going To Be A Lot Of Mic Dropping

There’s nothing quite like that satisfied feeling that comes after proving someone wrong or just doing something really awesome. It seems as if Adam Levine agrees and has the perfect idea to make it even more awesome.

I can only imagine how many times he’s wanted to do this after having a conversation with Blake Shelton. Just kidding, we all know how much these two actually love each other.




Martin, What Are You Doing?

Ever since starring in the ¡Three Amigos! back in 1986, Steve Martin and Martin Short have remained the best of friends, making them one of our favourite comedic bromances ever. Which is why when Steve Martin tweeted this photo of Martin dressed, I almost experienced my own comedic spit-take.

There are just so many questions.

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