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#WCW: Bella Thorne

Posted on April 23, 2014 by
Bella Thorne

I’m Shaking It Up as I write this but this girl is a singer, student, actress and dancer, and she’s only 16!

Annabella Avery Thorne, or Bella Thorne as she’s known to all her bellarinas/bellarinos, burst onto the scene as aspiring dancer CeCe Jones in Disney’s Shake It Up. With so many talents, we couldn’t help but list all the reasons why we love Bella Thorne or, as I like to call her, my #WCW.

1. She can dance

Shake It Up follows two best friends who go on a show called Shake It Up Chicago to dance. There they dance a variety of styles, including hip hop and salsa. Bella and her fellow co-star Zendaya showed off their slick moves back in 2012 with this performance on Good Morning America.

2. She knows how to shut down her haters

Everyone has haters and they seem to multiple the moment you step into the spot. Some celebs simply ignore all the hate while others just know how to deal with it. Then there’s Bella who replies back with just the right amount of sass.


3. Fashion

Bella Thorne fashion

SOURCE: bellsthornes on Tumblr

Bella has a developed her unique sense of style over the years so it’s no wonder why she’s a style icon for many. There’s that and her long, luscious hair.

Bella Thorne dancing

SOURCE: fuckyeahbella on Tumblr

4. She’s amazing during livestreams

She always does her best to stay genuine with her fans and it shows in every livestream she’s done. This is just one of many she and Zendaya have done but we couldn’t resist some Queen Bey dancing!

5. Her friendships

Her friendship with co-star Zendaya is too cute that we just had to mention it. Working together on Shake It Up for three years has helped to flourish this beautiful relationship.

We can’t wait to see Bella show off her skills alongside the likes of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in the upcoming Blended (out May 23!).

BTW, Bella can I have your hair?

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