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Amy Poehler Plays “It’s Not Pitbull — It’s Amy Poehler!”

Posted on April 22, 2014 by
Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner

Forever a ray of sunshine, Amy Poehler makes the day that much more brighter for a couple of New Yorkers as she and Billy Eichner play “It’s not Pitbull — It’s Amy Poehler!”

In typical Billy on the Street fashion, the game isn’t very difficult at all. All that happens is Billy drags tiny Amy Poehler up a New York City street as she wears a Pitbull mask. They then run up to clueless New Yorkers and reveal that Amy isn’t Pitbull! She’s Amy Poehler!

As always, the reactions are the best part of any Billy on the Street game. Some people are slightly excited, others are completely confused and there are the ones who’ve never heard of Amy’s show, Parks and Recreation!

Blasphemy! How do they not know they’re experiencing a New York moment?!

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