5 Indie Pop Duos To Watch

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Ryan Parker
5 indie pop bands to watch

Do you ever wonder how duos like MGMT, Tegan and Sara, Disclosure, and Icona Pop started out? Wouldn’t it have been nice to see them in a tiny club before they were selling out massive theatres and arenas?

Don’t miss your chance to do the same with these five indie-pop duos who are bursting at the seams with pop prowess.


Self-described as “brat pop,” HOLYCHILD’s music is like that guy at the party that can start up a conversation and instantly become best friends with everyone in the room. HOLYCHILD’s Liz Nistico and Louie Diller want you to dance. They want you to turn inside out, put on a mask, rid of your inhibitions, and trot through Times Square like you’re a parade float.

Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok only have two songs to their name, yet they’ve established their own little nook of hook-filled synth pop. When the synths build up and the chorus to “You’re The One For Me” hits, glitter and confetti shoot out of car windows, vehicles start to hover, rainbows blast out of the exhaust, aliens descend to earth to make peace, and it sends you one step closer to interstellar space.

Ghost Beach

I guarantee it’ll take approximately 60 seconds for you to fall in love with the sweet sky-scraping, acid-fuelled, “tropical grit-pop” sounds that Ghost Beach make. Josh Ocean and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn are filled with hits, and their debut album, Blonde (out now), is a 45-minute vacation to neon beaches with fun dip sand, piña colada water, and cotton candy clouds.


Up next we have the brother-sister duo of Georgia and Caleb Nott that make up Broods. Hailing from New Zealand and produced by Joel Little (the man who writes and produces for a small artist named Lorde), Broods create the kind of smooth, silky pop that makes you want to leap off a skyscraper onto a magic carpet and fly between buildings in slow motion.


POWERS make punchy electro pop with both vocalists dead set on taking over the world. “Today we own the sun,” Mike Del Rio shouts, and yes POWERS, you two do exactly that. It feels as if Mike and Crista Ru harnessed the power of the sun and used it to make all of the earth a paradise sing-along.

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