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Must Follow Monday: Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams

Posted on April 21, 2014 by
Maisie Williams

Every Monday ANDPOP brings you a new hilarious personality to follow on Twitter. Because we care, we’ll be assembling some of their greatest tweets to date to reel you in  and convince you to push that follow button. We aren’t forcing you to follow these people; we’re just STRONGLY SUGGESTING for your own personal enjoyment.  Today, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to follow Maisie Williams at @Maisie_Williams.

Seventeen-year-old Maisie Williams plays the small but badass Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. She’s as good with Twitter and Vine as her character is with “needles.” While she may retweet a tad more than she actually tweets, it’s okay because she usually floods our Twitter timelines with funny memes, cat photos, and laugh-out-loud one liners. She’s always tweeting fans, journalists who interview her and of course, her BFFs (including her GoT cast mate, Sophie Turner).

And if that wasn’t enough, Maisie is really good at Vine. Whether she’s sharing snippets of her life or telling jokes, her six-second videos are hilarious.

The chic 17-year-old is an all-around great person to have on social media and everyone will benefit from having a splash of her positive attitude on their Twitter feeds.

She’s a foodie

She’s pun-ny 

She wins at the internet

She understands having too many feelings about favourite heroes

She knows YouTubers. End of story.

Packing issues. Same. Also, how cute is her relationship with Sophie Turner?

We share the same spirit animal, Tyler Oakley 

Tyler Oakley Tweet

SOURCE: Tyler Oakley on Twitter

She has priorities in check

Last minute holiday shopping. Been there.

She used her Wikipedia page as ID 

Her life hacks are brilliant

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