Lucy Hale Gets Personal On Her Debut Album, The Road Between

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Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liars’ Aria may be an edgy rocker, but the actress behind this Liar, Lucy Hale, is more of a country girl at heart.

The Tennessee-native first moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career but she unexpectedly switched paths when she began acting. Now, with one successful TV show, countless guest appearances and four Teen Choice Awards later, Hale is finally ready to go after what she first dreamt of.

Her debut country album, The Road Between, is scheduled to drop on June 3 and Hale is both “excited and nervous” for its release.

“I’m so grateful for the hours and effort we’ve all put into it, I think it’s going to pay off,” Hale said. “I’m grateful its happening now opposed to right when I moved to L.A.”

Not many people know who I am.

Lucy Hale

According to Hale, creating her music was all about finding the right time for everything to come together. The 24-year-old needed to work around a busy schedule (she films PLL nine months out of the year), but the recording process of The Road Between was a slow and careful one. She even spent a long time flying from L.A. to Nashville every weekend just to record it, where she said she got “a little bit of home and family.”

Lucy Hale

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“I didn’t want to rush anything, I wanted it to feel right,” explains Hale.  “I didn’t want it to feel [like] I was just singing these songs because someone gave it to me. I wanted it to feel 100 per cent genuine.”

Most people may identify Hale as the punky Aria so it’s no wonder why it’s a little surprising to hear that her first single, “You Sound Good To Me,” is a country song.  But to her, country was a “no brainer” and “there was never any other option.”

“Not many people know who I am,” explains Hale.

The singer-actress admits that writing music can put anyone in a terrifyingly vulnerable position, but she was more concerned with being honest in her work; she wanted The Road Between to tell her story.  The singer-actress wanted to remind listeners that they’re “not the only person in the world that’s dealing with something.”

“I think we did a good job of making sure that if I didn’t write a song or co-write [it], the story was something I could draw from, relate to, or something I’ve gone through,” Hale said. “I’d hear a really good song [but say,] ‘we can’t do this because I’ve never been through it before.’”

The Road Between attempts to sum up Hale as a person.  While the track “You Sound Good To Me” is sweet and hopeful, “Goodbye Gone” is its sassy counterpart. Hale even goes as so far as laying herself out on the line with “Nervous Girl,” a song about dealing with insecurities and one that Hale finds “tragic but comforting at the same time.”

I think we did a good job of making sure that if I didn’t write a song or co-write [it], the story was something I could draw from, relate to, or something I’ve gone through…

Lucy Hale

“In this day and age its not okay to talk about your problems. It’s a taboo,” she said. “[People say] what do you mean your upset, what do you mean you’re sad? People don’t speak about this stuff.”

“I hope it speaks to [fans]…,” she adds. “It’s a little scary, you never know how people are going to react but I’m looking forward to it.”

Lucy Hale’s debut album, The Road Between, drops June 3, 2014.

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