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Posted on April 14, 2014 by
Jordan Gavaris

Every Monday ANDPOP brings you a new hilarious personality to follow on Twitter. Because we care, we’ll be assembling some of their greatest tweets to date to reel you in  and convince you to push that follow button. We aren’t forcing you to follow these people; we’re just STRONGLY SUGGESTING for your own personal enjoyment.  Today, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to follow Jordan Gavaris at @JordanGavaris

At first glance Orphan Black’s Jordan Gavaris shares nothing in common with his character, Felix Dawkins. Spend some time on Gavaris’ Twitter, and you will realize that the two are a lot more similar than one would think.

Felix is the ultimate comedic relief on the fast paced show that always keeps us guessing, and has us forever stressed out about what will happen next. Gavaris in his own right provides comedic relief on Twitter with his quick wit, brilliance, sass and hilarious sarcasm. He steers clear of pop culture’s constant drama, and basically dedicates his Twitter handle to answering his fans, promoting his co-stars, and just sharing day-to-day occurrences. It’s important to note that when we say Gavaris interacts with fans, his Q&A’s are not quick, one word answers. The 23-year-old often strikes up conversation with fans, giving his all when responding to their questions.

As if we needed more of a reason to have Gavaris’ 140 character online musings, contrary to his British accent on Orphan Black, he is Canadian. If there’s one thing we love more than incredible Canadian actors, it’s British accents.

He’s just as excited about the return of Orphan Black as we are!

He appreciates fan work

He’s pun-ny

His love for his co-stars

His sarcasm is on point

He knows IKEA is always a struggle

Productivity for the win

He’s on a first name basis with Spider-Man

Him and T-Swift are destined to be BFFs

He’s loyal to keeping fans updated on Twitter – he actually feels bad when he’s MIA

The struggles of living alone with Google

We want his life

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