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Man Crush Monday: Nico Mirallegro

Posted on April 14, 2014 by
Nico Mirallegro

There’s nothing we love more than a man with a sensitive soul and judging from his pretty, pretty eyes, that’s exactly what actor Nico Mirallegro probably has.

The 23-year-old sex wizard—we mean, British boy—got his start in the acting world with a regular role on the long running British television series Hollyoaks. Since then, Nico hasn’t had much trouble swooping in and winning all of our hearts with his amazing acting and great butt cheeks.

Because we’re still squealing with glee over the season two finale of My Mad Fat Diary (he plays the quiet heartthrob Finn), Nico Mirallegro is this week’s Man Crush Monday. Here’s why:

1. Grazie!

Oh, boy. As if we didn’t love his Manchester accent enough, the boy can also speak Italian.

2. Because he’s Finn Nelson

Nico Mirallegro in My Mad Fat Diary

SOURCE: We Heart It

We don’t blame My Mad Fat Diary’s main character, Rae Earl, for being so in love with Nico’s Finn Nelson. The actor brings a special kind of quiet sweetness to the character that could make any girl weak at the knees. Finn’s the kind of boy that would defend any girl and go the extra mile for a friend, but also has just the right amount of mystery to him to keep you on your toes.

3. Good sense of humour

Nico Mirallegro on Saturday Kitchen

Nico Mirallegro on Saturday Kitchen

SOURCE: Joe Middleton is Not Dead

One Saturday Kitchen just couldn’t get over Nico’s beautiful eyebrows when the actor make an appearance on the show in April 2013 (we can’t get over them either). Nico didn’t mind the flattering observation and threw in his own jokes about his beautiful brows.

4. He’s shy

Nico Mirallegro in My Mad Fat Diary

Fans of MMFD were in a frenzy when Rae sneakily spied on Finn naked in the shower. Needless to say, there was a gratuitous butt shot that we may or may not have hyperventilated over.

Unfortunately, Nico confessed on This Morning that it was not his butt. Instead, he got to pick out of six body doubles to pretend to be him for the day. Apparently, he thought there would be too much naked Nico on our TV screens as he appeared nude in the BBC series The Village. Aw, how cute! (But can we please discuss what a great butt he chose?)

5. He can adapt to any role

Nico Mirallegro in The Village

SOURCE: Within-The-Asylum on Tumblr

Fans of MMFD should try their luck with Nico’s other show, The Village. This is where the actor gets to show off some of his best acting as Joe Middleton, a young man who gets sent to war and returns home with his own demons.

Are you in love yet? Great because it’s “to be continued…” (*Wink*)

Nico Mirallegro in The Village

SOURCE: vmars on Tumblr

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