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Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman Try To Prank Call Oprah

Posted on April 10, 2014 by

David Letterman may be funny guy, but he’s no prankster.

After Lindsay Lohan begged the Late Show to prank call her mentor Oprah Winfrey on-air Wednesday night, it didn’t take long for Letterman to crack under the pressure.

It wasn’t because of a complete lack of effort — he did put on a very Mrs. Doubtfire voice after all — but it did seem like he didn’t want to put his whiplike comedic timing to use in this bit. He half-heartedly “disguised” himself as Lindsay’s secretary (the word he was probably looking for was “assistant”) and then revealed himself after Oprah asked whom she was speaking to the second time.

Sigh. We’ll miss you when you retire next year, Dave, but let’s keep the prank calling to us, shall we?

After the jig was up, Letterman asked the former daytime talk show queen what she thought of Lindsay Lohan. Oprah, for the record, had nothing but nice, encouraging things to say. She did just help produce Lindsay’s latest reality show, Lindsay, which also airs on Oprah’s network OWN.

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