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Man Crush Monday: Dylan O’Brien

Posted on April 7, 2014 by Merna Jibrail
Dylan O'Brien

It’s Monday and you know what that means:

That and it’s… MAN CRUSH MONDAY. If you haven’t already guessed it, our crush this week is none-other than Dylan O’Brien!

From his old YouTube videos to his current gig on Teen Wolf and his starring role in the upcoming Maze Runner, this boy has definitely won us over. WE even try to get our Dylan fix whenever we can; we lovingly read his tweets when we can and jump for joy when he hear new Maze Runner info. But between Teen Wolf wrapping up it’s third season and The Maze Runner doesn’t hit theatres until September, there just a little too much waiting for our liking. So to keep us preoccupied, we just had to come up with a list on why he makes our hearts a flutter. Enjoy!

1. His old YouTube account, moviekidd826, is hilarious

You may or may not have known that Dylan created a YouTube account when he was only 14. There, he uploaded a couple of original, funny videos. We consider him one of the original YouTubers.

Dylan O'Brien2. He’s a musician

The boy not only can act but he can bang some drums. (Yes, we did say that). The now-22-year-old was charming drummer for Slow Kids at Play back in 2009.

3. He’s really funny on Twitter

If you already follow him on Twitter, you know just how adorable his tweets are. If not, here are just some more reasons why you should be following him. (On social media, not in real life. That’s stalking.)


No, YOU’RE the greatest Dylan.

4. His guilty pleasures are the best

Dylan on his movie guilty pleasures:

“I have three and I don’t feel guilty! Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Galaxy Quest!”

Dylan O'Brien

5. He’s really close with the Teen Wolf cast

The cast is a really one tight bunch.

So how many days until September 19, a.k.a. the day The Maze Runner hits theatres?

In the meanwhile, here’s another cute Dylan gif to keep your heart all happy:

Dylan O'Brien

SOURCE: Tumblr

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