Ed Sheeran Debuts His Latest Single, “Sing”

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It’s been three years since Ed Sheeran released his critically-acclaimed, universally loved album, +. Since then, the ginger singer-songwriter has been racking up awards, befriending the likes of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, and working with the music industry’s most talented people.

But today would mark the first time in years that Ed has released something completely under his own name and boy, was it well worth the wait.

Ed premiered his new song, “Sing,” on BBC Radio 1 Monday. It’s also the first single off of his recently announced album, X (scheduled for release on June 23).

It’s may just be a taste of what’s to come later this year, but “Sing” is already quite telling of Ed’s own ambition: musical versatility. Produced by current It Guy/producer/artist Pharrell Williams, “Sing” is much funkier then his old folksy tunes. It’s upbeat, fun, and full of pop music potential. He even employs a kind of R&B falsetto akin to Pharrell’s or the producer’s own frequent collaborator, Justin Timberlake.

Arguably, it’s a risk of Ed, he of oh-so-heartfelt, angsty tunes, but it could very much play off . “Sing”‘s more upbeat nature makes it an easy radio play and an early song of the summer contender.

And while it’s easy to speculate success, we will back this song as an instant iTunes buy — when it becomes available in your respective country, that is.

We’re glad to have you back, Ed.

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    Imagine what him and R. Kelly would make! ·

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