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Jon Hamm Was Once a Dating Show Loser

Posted on April 5, 2014 by

Jon Hamm would have no problem scoring a date with any woman with his dapper good looks, Hollywood status and sense of humour.

But before Hamm was Don Draper, he was just an awkward waiter who couldn’t get a date in the mid-90s.

The Mad Men star was a contestant onĀ The Big Date, and was brutally rejected by someone named Mary Carter who chose a guy named Mark (poor choice, in my honest opinion).

It’s just too bad she made the wrong decision, seeing that Hamm has turned out to be a successful Hollywood actor who’s also EXTREMELY handsome. Jennifer Westfeldt must be laughing right now, seeing that she’s been in a long-term relationship with the actor since 1997. She can probably gets “fabulous foot massages” from her beau any day!

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One response to “Jon Hamm Was Once a Dating Show Loser”

  1. Innaunnakki says:

    It’s sad really… she had so much potential yet needed to strengthen herself in being more professional and accepting to self growth.

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